Specialist Pigeon Racing



Waltfin International Chamber Subsidy

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been successful in obtaining funding from Waltfin International Finance, which led to the establishment of Chamberlink to provide services to members on behalf of the CCI.

The funding obtained from Waltfin International is aimed at attracting local business enterprises to support the youth of the local communities by promoting the Pigeon Racing Sport (PATSAADs). This important initiative aims to encourage teenagers in the East Rand area to participate in the sport and in this way learn more about responsibility, competitiveness and having focused goals and aspirations. The initiative was established to give youngsters a healthy and fulfilling pastime in a bid to combat negative influences such as teenage sex, gangsterism, alcohol abuse, drugs and satanism - practices that are particularly prevalent in disadvantaged communities where parental guidance is lacking as a result of single working parent households or homes headed by children as a result of the ravages of HIV.

In support of this worthy initiative, Chamberlink will provide services on behalf of the CCI to all members that support the pigeon racing initiative.