GPRS Pigeon Timer

 What makes the Konic  GPRS Pigeon Timer different from other electronic pigeon timers??

1.     The  Konic is a fixture in the loft and never has to be carried to the Club

2.     With a built in GPS the Konic timer corrects the time 3 times a minute, it is no longer necessary to strike in or out to determine time loss or gain.

3.     The Konic loft unit sends the arriving birds ID information, time of arrival, loft's longitude and latitude, to a central computer. The computer again checks the validity of this information against the information that was loaded on the main frame via the internet from a Konic club unit i.e. metal ring number Electronic ID and secret codes and verification that the bird has been entered for the event.

4.       The mainframe computer then calculates the results and places it on the Website of Windy Corner.

5.       Konic GPRS Electronic Pigeon timing device diagram



The Konic Loft unit


Features of the Konic Electronic pigeon timer

·         Instant results allowing the information to be displayed on a big screen in club houses and sports bars, allowing participation and excitement from and for outsiders as well as participants and punters.

·         Can store the information of more than 500 birds for a period of 12 months in the event of a power failure or the interruption of the services of one of the three major service providers I.e. Vodacom, MTN or Cell C and will hold this information until it has successfully transmitted the information to the Mainframe Computer.

·         If any attempt is made to interfere with the electronics of the unit at any time the main frame computer is notified immediately.

·         Loft training can be recorded at any time and the information and arrival times will be displayed on the internet, allowing the fancier to monitor the arrival times of his pigeons on his Cell phone or PC from any location.

·  The unit may be purchased on any cell phone contract instead of a mobile phone, making the Konic the most affordable pigeon timer in the world.