Windy Corner Renduif Klub
Die Nasionale klub sonder grense

Windy Corner Renduif Klub


1.1 The name shall be Windy Corner Racing Pigeon Club (Herein after revered to as WCRPC)

1.2 The principle office of WCRPC shall be situated in Nigel at the club’s physical address of Dave Lumbsden Drive
--- Sub- Nigel, Nigel 1491 or that of the elected secretaries address

1.3 The Area of operation shall be determined by application of membership and the acceptance of such application by
--- the executive committee of the club.


In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires:

2.1 “Committee” means a committee established as set out in Clause 16.

2.2 “Executive Committee” means the Executive Committee as set out in Clause 7.

2.3 The Financial Year shall be from 1 March to 28 February

2.4 “Financial Statement” means balance sheet, and an income statement in conformity with generally accepted
--- accounting practice.

2.5 AGM “Annual General Meeting” means a meeting at which all members are entitled to be present and vote and
--- which has been convened in accordance with the Constitution, and “Annual General Meeting” and “Special General
--- Meeting” shall have a corresponding meaning.

2.6 “Member” shall mean a member in terms of Clause 4 read with Clauses 5 and 6.

2.7 “Object” means the object as specified in Clause 3.

2.8 “Office Bearers” means the Office Bearers referred to in Clause 7.

2.9 “SANPO” means the National Racing Pigeon Control body namely the “South African National Pigeon
--- Organization”

2.10 “Roberts Rule of Order “means the 10th edition of this book or as explained in books such as “Roberts Rules for
----- Dummies”.


3.1 The objects of WCRPC are to:

--- Participate in and promoting activities of the Racing Pigeon Sport, especially amongst existing pigeon fanciers, as well
--- as attracting new members and youth-members from surrounding schools and areas

3.2 Make representations to any authorities and or Business to obtain sponsorship for the promotion of WCRPC and the
--- pigeon sport

3.3 Assist in the settlement of disputes arising from participation in the sport or club activities between members by
--- arbitration or otherwise

3.4 Collect and disseminate information relating to any of the objects that may be of benefit to members

3.5 Promote the conduct of the members in accordance with accepted ethical and moral standards and as per the
--- SANPO constitution;

3.6 generally assist the members and promote their interests in the sport;

3.7 raise funds by subscription or any other lawful means;

3.8 To protect members against arbiter actions.

3.9 To maintain and make available all aspects of the website


4.1 All prospective members shall apply in writing and the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final shall
--- consider all such applications. If any application for membership is declined, the Executive Committee need not
--- provide reasons for its decision.

4.2 All members shall be deemed to be bound by the provisions of this Constitution.

4.3 The Executive Committee shall have the power to elect as Honorary Members of the WCRPC any person whom, in
--- its opinion, shall merit such election. Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges of Membership, except that such
--- persons will not be entitled to vote nor be required to pay any subscription.

4.4 Past Chairpersons who served a two year term three times in office shall ipso facto be honorary members of
--- WCRPC.

4.5 Youth members will be youth under the age of 18 or if such a youth is studying at a tertiary institution and not
--- employed as a fulltime employee. The membership fees for a youth member will be free of charge. Youth members
--- may apply for a club-subsidy to subsidize their transport and other costs, if the controlling body to which WCRPC is
--- affiliated does not subsidize such costs in any event. The executive committee will decide to award a full or part
--- subsidy or they may decline such a subsidy. If declined, the decision of the executive committee shall be final and not
--- debatable.

4.6 Youth members will not have voting rights and may not serve on any committee; save if such a committee will be
--- formed to promote the racing pigeon sport to scholars.


WCRPC membership shall or may be terminated in any of the following ways:

5.1 By written resignation to WCRPC

5.2 By failure to pay,
5.2.1 membership subscriptions on or before the date of the annual general meeting of the club
5.2.2 or other amounts owing to the WCRPC within 7 days of the due date, unless prior arrangements of payments has
--- been made with the financial committee of the club;


--- All membership subscriptions and or fees and other amounts payable to the WCRPC shall be determined by the
--- Executive Committee and shall, unless otherwise determined, be payable annually in advance on the date of the AGM
--- and shall not be refunded if membership is terminated. Outstanding subscriptions may, at the discretion of the
--- Executive Committee, be handed over to a legal representative for collections and all costs plus interest will be borne
--- by the defaulting member.

--- WCRPC will affiliate to one or more racing pigeon controlling bodies of its choice, which choice shall be determined
--- at the AGM each year. Provided that such a control body or bodies will be of good standing, can provide WCRPC
--- members with reliable transport at a reasonable price and that can provide maximum competition. Such a controlling
--- body or bodies of choice will have to be affiliated to SANPO and in terms of such an affiliation, members of
--- WCRPC are subject to the payment of affiliation fees as determined by the controlling body’s Constitution. This levy
--- shall be included in the annual subscription levied in terms of Clause 6.1.

--- WCRPC and its members will accept and be bound by the constitution of the controlling body or bodies. In the
--- event of conflicting rules and regulations of the different controlling bodies the decision and choice of the executive
--- committee as described in paragraph 7 will be final and binding on the subject at hand and or in dispute.

--- In the event of conflicting conditions between this constitution and that of the controlling bodies to which WCRPC is
--- affiliated this constitution will prevail provided the superiority of the constitution of SANPO and the constitution of the
--- Republic of South Africa as well as natural laws of South Africa is not placed at risk.


7.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the following persons:
7.1.1 A Chairperson, who shall, unless otherwise determined at the meeting concerned, also be Chairman at any general
----- Meeting or Executive Committee Meeting. The Chairman shall not remain in office for a period in excess of two
----- consecutive years, after which period he may only avail himself again for the position of Chairperson after a two
----- year period has lapsed.
7.1.2 A Vice-Chairperson, who shall, in the absence of the Chairperson, be the Chairman at any General Meeting or
----- Executive Committee Meeting.
7.1.3 The immediate Past Chairperson of WCRPC.
7.1.4 Treasurer/Secretary.

7.2 The 6 members of the Executive Committee, with the exception of the immediate past chairperson, shall be elected
--- by ballot at each Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be in writing by members of good standing signed by the
--- proposer and the seconder and accepted by the nominee. Such nominations should be in the hands of the Secretary
--- at least forty-eight hours before the Annual General meeting.

7.3 The members of the Executive Committee elected as per Clause 7.2 shall, immediately after the Annual General
--- Meeting, elect the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and the financial committee existing of a Treasurer a
--- Cashier and a Bookkeeper.

7.4 The remaining members will be additional members.


The powers and duties of the Executive Committee shall be to:

8.1 implement and generally give effect to the objects, decision and policies of the WCRPC, the controlling body
--- concerned and of SANPO

8.2 determine any other business that may be considered at the Annual General Meeting or other general meetings;

8.3 prepare the Financial Statements of the affairs of the WCRPC for submission to Members at the Annual General
--- Meeting;

8.4 With the approval of the Executive Committee to

8.4.1 Open and operate an account or accounts with a registered bank.
8.4.2 Invest, dispose of or otherwise deal with any of WCRPC’s assets including movable, immovable, corporeal and
----- incorporeal, cash and other assets, inclusive, without limitation to the generality of the afore-going, the utilization of
----- any such assets by way of security, or the exchange, sale or leasing thereof;
8.4.3 Appointment of a ring-steward
8.4.4 Appointment of a Race secretary and a clock committee
8.4.5 Transact the business of WCRPC
8.4.6 Incur and settle debts and other obligations, in its own name and issue legal process;
8.4.7 Do all other things as it may deem in the interest of the WCRPC or any of its Members with due regard being paid
----- to WCRPC’s objects;

8.5 Appoint the auditors of the WCRPC and fix their remuneration;
8.6 To delicate any of its duties to a day committee consisting of the Chairperson, Vice chairperson, secretary, Race
--- secretary and bookkeeper, provided that the day committee shall report on its actions at the next executive meeting.


--- All proceedings at meetings including General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings shall be conducted in
--- accordance with the Newly revised 10th Edition of Roberts Rules of Order, or as amended by later additions with the
--- following highlights, (should these highlights be different to Roberts Rule of order, the Roberts rules of order will
--- prevail.)

--- All motions shall be proposed and seconded.

--- Voting, unless any members demand a ballot, shall be a show of hands and a simple majority shall carry motions, and
--- each member shall be entitled to one vote only on each motion.

--- Should there be an equality of votes; a motion shall not be carried save that in Executive Committee proceedings the
--- Chairman shall have a casting vote.


--- The liability of all Members shall be limited to unpaid subscriptions and or other outstanding moneys as indicated on
--- his or her account with WCRPC


Executive Committee
--- The Executive Committee shall meet at least six times per year but preferably once a month except December month
--- at such times and venues as may be determent by the Chairperson or, failing him, the Vice-Chairperson or, failing
--- both, the simple majority of remaining executive members, may determine.

Annual General Meeting
--- The Annual General Meeting shall be held within one month of the end of WCRPC’s financial year and shall be at
--- such time and venue as the Chairperson, failing whom the Vice-Chairperson or, failing both, the simple majority of
--- remaining executive members, may determine.

--- A General Meeting may be called at any time by the Chairperson or, in his absence, by the Vice-Chairperson, or by
--- the Executive Committee or on a requisition in writing signed by not fewer than 5 Members specifying the purpose of
--- such meeting, which shall be the only business permitted to be conducted at such meetings.


-Annual General Meetings shall consider, inter alia, the following:

--- • The annual report and financial statements of WCRPC

--- • The election of the Executive Committee

--- • All motions properly proposed and seconded and other business that may arise

--- • The agenda of the AGM must address the following subjects
--- --- ○Opening and welcoming
--- --- ○Chairpersons Address
--- --- ○Attendance register

--- • Acceptance or postponements of the agenda at hand
--- • Acceptance of the Minutes of the previous AGM and / or special meeting and / or general meeting
--- • New members-application, acceptance or rejection.
--- • Year-end report by the financial manager or bookkeeper
--- • Acceptance or rejection of the financial statements
--- • Amendments to this constitution
--- • Appointment of Patrons
--- • Appointment of the executive committee as per clause 7

--- Establishing of monetary competition schemes, pools and prize-money


13.1 Executive Committee

--- At least seven days written notice or such shorter period as the Chairperson may determine shall be given for any
--- Executive Committee Meeting

13.2 General Meetings

--- At least seven days written notice or such shorter period as the Chairperson may determine, shall be given for any
--- General Meeting

13.3 Other Meetings

--- At least seven days written notice or such shorter period as the Chairperson may determine, shall be given for any
--- General Meeting.

13.4 Due notice shall for all purposes be deemed to have been given immediately upon delivery thereof which, in the
---- event of delivery by Email, Sms, fax or postage, shall be deemed to be the date of the Email the time of the Sms the
---- date of the fax and of or posting of the notice.


14.1 Each member may propose motions by delivering written notice (Fax, Email or Sms) thereof to the WCRPC at
----- least fourteen days prior to the meeting or, if there is short notice thereof, such lesser period as the Chairperson
----- (failing whom the Vice-Chairperson) or the Chairperson of the meeting may determine.

14.2 A motion that has been defeated at a General Meeting may not be reintroduced for a period of two years without
----- the leave of the Executive Committee.


15.1 A quorum at a General meeting shall be twenty percent of paid-up Members entitled to vote there at, or
----- represented by written proxies.

15.2 A quorum at Executive Committee Meetings shall be at least three Executive Committee members.

15.3 A quorum at other committee meetings shall be at least three committee members or so many members as constitute
----- not less than fifty percent of the members of the committee concerned, whichever is the lesser.

15.4 In the absence of a quorum at any meeting, within fifteen minutes of that meeting’s scheduled starting time, the
----- meeting shall automatically be adjourned to the same day, time and place in the following week (provided that if that
----- day be a public holiday, to the next business day) and those members present at the adjourned meeting shall
----- constitute a quorum.


--- A General Meeting of the Executive Committee may at any time appoint such committees with such terms of
--- reference as may be considered desirable.


--- All disciplinary actions, rules and guidelines shall apply and be carried out as set out in the 2006 constitution of
--- SANPO or as amended thereafter.


--- Rules of competition, clock rules, race rules, basketing, and other related rules and guidelines shall be as set out in the
--- 2006 constitution of SANPO or as amended thereafter, as well as the rules and guidelines set out in the constitution
--- of the controlling body or bodies to whom WCRPC is affiliated with at any given time.


--- Any amendment of this Constitution may be determined by a majority vote at a General Meeting in respect of which
--- due notice of any proposed amendment has been given, provided that the provisions of Clauses 1, 3, 8 and 18 may
--- only be amended by a special resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of all persons present and entitled to vote at
--- a General Meeting, and in respect of which not less than twenty-one days written notice has been given.


20.1 WCRPC, subject to such conditions as a General Meeting may determine and subject to Clause 18, shall be
---- dissolved by a resolution passed by not less than 75% of the members of the WCRPC present at such a meeting,
---- which meeting shall be called specially for the purpose concerned at not less than twenty-one days’ written notice
---- specifying in detail the purpose for the meeting and the reasons for the proposed dissolution.

20.2 On dissolution, the assets of WCRPC shall devolve upon such other Association with similar objects.

DATE--- 14th August 2009

Accepted as the governing constitution of Windy Corner Racing Pigeon Club at a special meeting held on Monday the 14th of August 2009

Proposed by _______________________ and seconded by the following members in attendance

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